Squarespace Designer

I create beautiful, affordable websites using the Squarespace platform.


Crisp, cost-effective web design

Having a great-looking website that loads seamlessly across all devices has become a standard expectation of the modern day user.

In addition to providing a great user experience, having a well-designed, mobile-friendly site is likely to win strong favour with Google. Also, recent figures from Capgemini IMRG showed that mobile devices now account for the largest % share of online shopping revenue at 40.4%. So, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it probably isn’t reaching its full potential.

In previous times, the best-looking websites were often reserved for companies with deep pockets. The good news is this is no longer the case. The growth of innovative platforms such as Squarespace means that fantastic web design has never been more affordable.

Why Squarespace?

Squarespace is a website builder that includes a host of expertly-designed, customisable templates. It aims to make web design simpler, removing many of the traditional aspects of web development that would usually add to the price you’d pay.

Squarespace takes care of the hosting (it’s very fast-to-load). It’s also fully responsive, and automatically handles any important updates for you. Additionally, it’s extremely easy to use once the initial set up is complete – meaning you should be able to handle simple text updates yourself in the future.

Squarespace is therefore the perfect solution for smaller websites that don’t rely on lots of functionality. It’s usable, practical and beautiful all rolled into one.

I can help you find a template that suits your needs, and customise this in line with your requirements to bring your new website to life. See below for more info!

Squarespace Design Services

From butchers to bakers, I support small businesses by creating great-looking websites that work well on any device.

Website Build

I will work closely with you to deliver a website that meets your business objectives, is delivered on time and doesn’t break the bank.

Customise Existing Sites

Got an existing site that needs a refresh or restructure? I am happy to help fine-tune your existing website in line with your needs.

SEO Optimisation

Give your website the best chance of ranking well in Google by optimising for your target keywords and getting your site structure right.

Website Copywriting

Great messaging goes hand in hand with great design. I write effective copy that conveys what your business is all about.

Ad Hoc Support

Squarespace is fairly easy to use once live, but sometimes there’s not enough time in the day. I’m happy to help with ad hoc changes.

Fairly Priced

I’ll ensure each project is priced according to its complexity. Those businesses with simple needs will receive pricing that reflects this.