Freelance PPC Consultant

Be found at the exact moment potential customers are searching for you.

I’m Certified

Google has recognised me as an AdWords certified professional.

Intelligently target active buyers

Paid advertising has the ability to connect you to your target audience at the precise moment they are searching for your product or service.

PPC is effective, measurable and is hugely flexible around different budget levels. What’s more, you only pay out when somebody clicks on your ad.

Advertising via Google Adwords or Bing can deliver near-immediate results – whether that’s in the form of online sales, leads, phone calls or app downloads. However, it can also burn through your budget quickly, so it’s important that you make the most of every pound spent.

Whether you are starting PPC from scratch, or are looking for somebody to optimise / manage an existing account, I can help.

I am a Google AdWords certified professional with ten year’s experience in digital marketing. Take a look below for a summary of my PPC services.

Paid Advertising Services

A selection of my PPC services, whether you have an existing Adwords account or are starting from scratch.

Keyword Research

I can help identify the keywords that deliver the highest return on spend, whilst eliminating those that are dragging down your campaign’s performance.

New Account Build

Want to take advantage of Google Adwords but you’re not sure where to start? I’ll build your account in the right way, setting the foundations for future growth.

Monthly Management

Top performing PPC campaigns typically require ongoing attention. I can take the burden away from you and manage your spend efficiently on a monthly basis.

Ad Copy

Well-written, relevant ad copy is vital to a successful PPC campaign. It can lead to higher click-through rates & quality scores, whilst reducing your cost per click.

Conversion Optimisation

I can help you place your budget where it’ll make the most impact, whilst ensuring your user journey is well-optimised – from click to conversion.

Reporting & Insights

I provide regular reporting to help you track progress by campaign, evaluate the success of various tests, and identify new trends across your PPC account.